Crimes against the environment are one of the main factors that threaten the state of environmental conservation in Europe and the rest of the world. Environmental crimes have become one of the most profitable activities for criminal organizations and also have a significant impact on society and the general economy.


There are many illegal actions that harm nature, from the project Guardians of Nature, against Environmental Crime, we work to bring to an end  all these crimes but especially those that affect habitats and wildlife.


The destruction of habitats is the main threat that affects the conservation of a number of protected species and the environment in general.


“If a habitat is transformed and is unable to maintain the native species, it has been destroyed.”


This process, which causes the loss of biodiversity in which the species die or forcibly move, can occur through different criminal actions.

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The continuous decline of species is putting the permanence of many of them in check. Crimes against wildlife are varied and occur both in the natural environment and in cities, where on the contrary it is increasingly necessary to tend to naturalization.

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